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Why do we do it?

Almost 1 in 3 children will have parents who divorce/separate before they turn 16. 

Statistics are authoritative and informative. They sound reassuring and true. And lots of parenting involves looking for the ‘right’ answer. 

But – as all parents know – it is not as simple as this. Many different things can be correct at the same time. That is particularly the case during divorce/separation.

Divorce will usually create practical changes in a child’s life.Change is not always a bad thing.
Every parent wants to do the best for their child.Our own feelings can obscure our view of our child’s experience.
Parental separation is a common childhood experience.It may be the biggest thing that has happened in your child’s life so far.
Divorce may have long-term, far-reaching effects on a child.Parental separation can provide an opportunity for children to become happier and more resilient.
Families can be all shapes and sizes.Going from one type of family set-up to another can create upheaval.
Agreeing all parenting decisions with your child’s other parent(s) can feel impossible.The Family Court can make decisions that override both parents. The law may not reflect what you think is best for your child.
Exposure to conflict between their parents can cause long-term negative effects for a child.Some children are pleased or relieved that their parents divorce and some parents get on better after a separation.

At Paths Through Change, we create a space which can contain and hold all of these seeming contradictions in balance. We can then help you to find the right path for your child.

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