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Eily shares her hints & tips for navigating common issues affecting children that arise during a separation.

‘Should I approach my divorce differently if my child is neurodivergent?’

Eily explores the topic of whether having a neurodivergent (autistic, ADHD, highly sensitive) child might prompt you to approach a divorce / separation differently. She discusses what to do if you and your child’s other parent don’t agree on your child’s neurotype and provides 3 tips to try.

‘Parents who parent differently’

Eily acknowledges the difficulty of parenting differently following a divorce or separation and shares an activity, a different perspective and practical tips to help your child(ren) thrive with parents who parent differently.

‘Unreliable caregivers and inconsistent parents’

Eily shares information about the impact on a child of having an unreliable or inconsistent parent – plus tips for helping them navigate the relationship.

‘Tips for telling your child that you are separating / divorcing’

Eily answers that common question: ‘how do we tell the kids?’

‘Hard handovers & tricky transitions’

Eily walks you through the moments where children refuse to go to their other parent’s home or asks to live with their other parent.

‘How & when to do overnight stays away from a breast/chest-feeding parent’

Eily offers practical tips to support children spending nights away from their breast/chest-feeding parent.

‘How & when to introduce your child to a new partner’

Eily makes recommendations for when & how the introduction of new partners should be dealt with.

‘5 things that all parents can learn from parents who live apart’

Eily shares practical tips for dealing with issues that arise for many parents, based on her experience of working with families of all shapes and sizes.

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